Novastep lance la plate-forme cleanSTART


July 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Novastep, Inc., and its affiliates (“Novastep” or the “Company”), a global medical device company specializing in the foot and ankle, today announced the general availability of their cleanSTART® packaging and delivery technology in the U.S. market.

The cleanSTART platform provides hospitals and surgery centers with a systematized approach towards operating room efficiency and inventory control.  This technology is based on the concept of integrated modularity for both implants and instruments.  cleanSTART offers a unique combination of sterile packaging that features Novastep’s quickTube® nested cylinders and a fully customizable, space saving Implant Dispenser console.  This implant delivery protocol eliminates the need for any caddies, trays or ancillary containers. The Dispenser’s versatile honeycomb building blocks are unique to the industry and streamline the user’s ability to adapt its framework to any combination of Novastep implants.

Gregory C. Pomeroy, MD of Portland, Maine explained that “The system is formulated to optimize implant capacity, deployment flexibility and tracking procedures.”  The cleanSTART packaging and its associated Dispenser unit are configured to work in seamless tandem with Novastep’s forefootCOMPLETE and forefootEXACT instrumentation platforms.  Pomeroy added that “cleanSTART is remarkably convenient and smoothly dovetails with the entire Novastep portfolio, reducing OR footprint, traceability documentation and sterilization costs.”

cleanSTART and its adjunct Dispenser, along with other Novastep product lines will be exhibited this week during the 2015 AOFAS Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA at Booth No. 138.  This newly available technology will likewise be featured at the Global Foot and Ankle Symposium (GFAS) to be held in New York City on December 4 -5, 2015.


About Novastep

Novastep is a global medical device company specializing in the design, development and commercialization of advanced technologies that treat conditions affecting the foot and ankle. The Company is focused to optimize clinical efficiencies, inventory management and healthcare economics by transforming the way foot and ankle products are deployed and utilized in the surgical environment.  Novastep has allied itself with a strategic network of key international opinion leaders to deliver breakthrough technologies, innovative services and compelling medical education programs to the foot and ankle community.

Novastep’s portfolio, services and distribution platforms are uniquely positioned to address foot and ankle pathologies, including trauma, deformity corrections and Charcot fracture management.  Follow Novastep live on Twitter @InfoNovastep.


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