Novastep lance les kits d’instruments stérile à usage unique cleanSTART.


June 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Novastep, Inc., and its affiliates (“Novastep” or the “Company”), a global medical technologies company specializing in the foot and ankle, today announced the launch of an innovative range of patent pending, cleanSTART sterile packaged, single-use instruments kits.

The kits are engineered to reduce cross contamination risks and processing costs for outpatient and hospital procedures.  Each instrument kit is self-contained for its designation, minimally sized and efficiently packaged in a “nested tube” cartridge. These kits feature high quality, precision made instruments and ergonomically designed, universal, AO-compatible driver handles that are available on demand for surgery and include UDI-compliant tracking labels.  The cleanSTART single-use kits are tailored to work with Novastep’s sterile implants, providing robust, quality-made, ready for immediate off-the-shelf use instrumentation.

Operating room efficiency and cost reduction are prime areas of focus for Novastep.  The company works directly with hospitals and surgical centers to streamline healthcare process flows. The cleanSTART deployment technology provides a systematized, customizable logistics platform that substantially reduces inventory and sterile field volumes, lost or damaged instrument delays and lifecycle costs. This deployment technology permits multiple, simultaneous OR placements and back-up instruments are instantly available.

Lowell Weil, Jr., DPM, FACFAS, President and Fellowship Director of the Weil Foot & Ankle Institute, explained that, “Novastep has not only come up with a superbly engineered portfolio of single-use, sterile packaged instrument kits, but they have also developed a compelling, eco-friendly program that will allow hospitals and surgery centers to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and support healthcare systems in developing nations.”

All cleanSTART instrument kits are neatly arranged in their own quickTUBE containment cylinders which may be accessed from a dedicated instrument dispenser console, which is about the size of a shoe box.  The dispenser is designed to remain outside of the sterile field and houses up to ten kits each, significantly reducing deployment footprints when compared to conventional trays and containers.  Each dispenser may be arranged to cover multiple surgeries and numerous foot & ankle indications.

In addition to the single-use instrument kits, the cleanSTART deployment technology gives hospitals and surgery centers the option of utilizing reusable instrumentation by means of Novastep’s cleanSTART modular tray systems with light weight construction and space saving designs that feature a versatile array of interchangeable modules.

“To assist healthcare institutions with identifying the implant and instrument deployment options that best suit their needs, Novastep provides a customized cost/benefits analysis based on the hospital’s own financial data,” said Thomas Roukis, DPM, PhD and Past President of the ACFAS. Roukis added that « This is a perfect example of Novastep’s commitment to help facilities reduce the costs and timelines associated with surgical procedures and inventory management.”


About Novastep

Novastep is a global medical device company specializing in the design, development and commercialization of advanced technologies that treat conditions affecting the foot and ankle. The Company is focused on optimizing clinical efficiencies, inventory management and healthcare economics by transforming the way foot and ankle products are deployed and utilized in the surgical environment. Novastep has allied itself with a strategic network of key international opinion leaders to deliver breakthrough technologies, innovative services and compelling medical education programs to the foot and ankle community. Novastep’s portfolio, services and distribution platforms are uniquely positioned to address foot and ankle trauma, deformity corrections and Charcot fracture management.

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