Novastep annonce le lancement du système MIS instrumenté Pecaplasty®.


/ — Novastep Inc., and its affiliates (“Novastep”), today announced the commercial launch of the Pecaplasty® System, a guided instrumentation and implant platform for percutaneous bunion correction. The Pecaplasty® System delivers a long-awaited solution, designed for precise realignment, accurate stabilization, and reproducible outcomes.

In 2019, Novastep launched their minimally invasive (MIS) PECA implants, combined with specialized instruments, to perform percutaneous bunion corrections. Driving a paradigm shift, Novastep has emerged as the #1 minimally invasive bunion correction company in the US. The percutaneous bunion correction procedure offers many benefits, including tri-planar deformity correction combined with a novel method of stabilization, however this technique often involves a steep learning curve.

The Pecaplasty® System represents enabling technology designed to diminish the learning curve and reduce the challenges faced with a percutaneous technique. This instrumented solution for hallux valgus allows for translation of the metatarsal head and precise orientation of the implants to stabilize the correction as the bone heals.

According to Ettore Vulcano, MD of Columbia University Orthopedics at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, Florida, “Novastep’s development of the Pecaplasty® System provides surgeons with the means to overcome the complexities associated with an MIS bunion correction procedure, allowing consistent reproducible results.” Experienced MIS users advise that adopting surgeons complete a minimum of twenty-five cases to navigate the learning curve.

“Many think performing the osteotomy with the burr is the hardest part of the procedure, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. The most challenging part is the provisional placement of the guide wires for the implants which stabilize the correction,” stated Bradley Abicht, DPM, FACFAS Chair of the Podiatry Department at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, Wisconsin. He added, “The targeting arc function of the Pecaplasty® System eliminates these issues by consistently placing the guide wires accurately.”

The introduction of the Pecaplasty® System marks the first of its kind in the percutaneous technique for hallux valgus correction and provides a long-awaited addition to the Trident Guided Bunion Instruments portfolio.

Novastep is a global orthopedic device manufacturer that focuses exclusively on designing, developing, and commercializing products to treat conditions that affect the bones, joints, and soft tissues of the foot and ankle. The Company was founded in 2014 with an investment from Amplitude Surgical SA (Amplitude). Amplitude brings together extensive orthopedic medical technology operating experience, a strong investment track record, and a deep network of global relationships to help its intermediary companies accelerate growth.